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Distiller Set Expert of 30 l
  • Distiller Set Expert of 30 l
  • Distiller Set Expert of 30 l
  • Distiller Set Expert of 30 l
  • Distiller Set Expert of 30 l
  • Distiller Set Expert of 30 l

Distiller Set Expert of 30 l

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Complete set:

  • Capacity the Versatile person of 30 l - 1 piece;
  • Tsarga of 50 cm Klamp - 1 piece;
  • Dephlegmator Klamp - 1 piece;
  • Branch 90 ° Klamp - 2 pieces;
  • The refrigerator Klamp - 1 piece;
  • Set of cooling of the Pro (GIFT);
  • Panchenkov's nozzle - 5 pieces (GIFT);
  • A set of Areometers - 1 piece (GIFT);
  • Hose of silicone 12 mm - 0,5 m (GIFT);
  • Santekhkomplekt - 1 piece.
  • - the complete set can be changed.

Technical characteristics:

Home brew distillation speed - 5 - 7 l/h;
Alcohol raw distillation speed - 2 - 2,5 l/h;
Water consumption - 35-45 l/h;
The maximum fortress of a product - 93-95 hail.

Heating - Gas, the electric stove, an induction plate.

Device sizes:

Height - 80 cm;
Thickness of walls - 1,5 mm;
Diameter - 51 mm.


Complete set of the equipment and accessories for moonshining. The expert allows to prepare hard liquors by a distillation method.

The expert - completely folding distiller (moonshine still) of high efficiency. An opportunity to collect and use the equipment in regime of the designer, klampovy connections provide the bystry speed and comfort of assembly and dismantling.

The moonshine still which can be used in various modes:

- Usual vat distillation (the mode potstill is a traditional design of the moonshine still for bystry and effective distillation of primary raw materials (home brew));
- Vat distillation with strengthening (fractional distillation);
- Receiving the flavored distillates (a possibility of connection basket gin).

For cooling in a set there is a cooling system of the Pro, for more exact management of temperature condition.

For heating it is recommended to use an induction plate of

The expert assumes an opportunity to connect a rectifying column for receiving pure alcohol of 96,6 degrees.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: 14 g
Information is up-to-date: 11.04.2019
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