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Distiller Set of the Pro of 20 l
  • Distiller Set of the Pro of 20 l
  • Distiller Set of the Pro of 20 l
  • Distiller Set of the Pro of 20 l
  • Distiller Set of the Pro of 20 l

Distiller Set of the Pro of 20 l

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Complete set:

  • Volume of 20 l - 1 piece;
  • Tsarga of 50 cm - 1 piece;
  • Dephlegmator - 1 piece;
  • Branch 180 ° - 1 piece;
  • The refrigerator - 1 piece;
  • Santekhkomplekt - 1 piece.


- the thermometer - 2 pieces;
- a hose the reinforced PVC of 8 mm - 5 m;
- the mm union 1/2 by 8 - 1 piece;
- the explosive valve - 1 piece;
- a hose 4-2 for thermometers - 0,5 m;
- the crane for home brew discharge - 1 piece;
- the union 1/4 mother - 4 pieces;
- insert in a cube - 1 piece;
- a hose of 12 mm for - 0,5 m;
- the instruction - 1 piece;
- silicone laying of 165 mm - 1 piece;
- silicone laying of 90 mm - 5 pieces;
- bolts - 22 pieces;
- lambs of 22 pieces;
- fum a tape - 1 piece;
- paranitovy laying 1/2 - 2;
- paranitovy laying 1/4 - 1;
- flange of 165 mm.

  • - the complete set can be changed.

Technical characteristics:

Home brew distillation speed - 5 - 7 l/h;
Alcohol raw distillation speed - 2 - 2,5 l/h;
Water consumption - 35-45 l/h;
The maximum fortress of a product - 93-95 hail.
Heating - Gas, the electric stove, an induction plate.

Device sizes:

Height - 80 cm;
Thickness of walls - 1,5 mm;
Diameter - 51 mm.

Cube sizes:

Height - 25 cm;
Diameter - 35 cm;
Diameter of a mouth - 13 cm;
Cover thickness - 2 mm;
Thickness of walls - 1,5 mm;
Bottom thickness - 3 mm;

Device and principle of work of a distiller of "Pro"

Each distiller consists of a tsarga (on which pipe there are couples), a dephlegmator (a precooler which returns back the cooled phlegm in a tsarga), branch by 180 degrees and the main refrigerator with three partitions inside (for cooling of vapors of water, alcohol-containing vapors).

1) The Tsarga represents a pipe from stainless food steel of the AISI 304 brand with a diameter of 50,8 mm with a length of 50 cm. In a pipe (tsarga) the Regular nozzle of Panchenkov (RPN), the spiralno prismatic nozzle (SPN), or copper rings of Rashiga is established that allows steam (passing through a nozzle) to be cleared of foreign impurity and to improve quality of the distilled water or alcohol-containing liquid.

2) The dephlegmator represents pipes with a diameter of 50,8 mm. 20 cm long in which tubes with a diameter of 10 mm (kozhukhotrubny type of cooling) are welded. On each side are welded the union of a supply and water drainage in a cooling shirt.

3) Withdrawal of 180 degrees, allows to take away the main refrigerator down.

4) The main refrigerator represents a pipe with a diameter of 50,8 mm. 35 cm long in which there pass 7 tubes with a diameter of 8 mm. Also in a pipe 3 partitions with cuts are welded. Partitions are necessary for an obstacle of the pumped water in the refrigerator therefore the consumption of the pumped water decreases and condensation of vapors improves. Having turned the main refrigerator it up it is possible to use at rectification of alcohol-containing liquids

All connections of a distiller are fastened among themselves with flange connections.

The distiller household "Pro" works as follows:

1. In vaporizing capacity water or alcohol-containing liquid is poured. Heating moves (gas, Teng, an induction plate).

2. Liquid begins to begin to boil, the evaporating steam rises up a tsarga passing at the same time through a nozzle of RPN or SPN.

3. Passing steam through a nozzle partially it is condensed on it and flows down back in a column. Other part of steam passes further and gets to a dephlegmator in which cold water arrives. Couples it is partially condensed under the influence of a heat transfer with a water shirt and flow down back in a column, thereby purifying water vapors (when receiving the distilled water) and strengthening vapors of alcohol-containing liquid.

4. Further couples pass through withdrawal of 180 degrees and get to the main refrigerator (in which cold water is also pumped) where there is their condensation and transformation to liquid.

5. The condensed purified water or alcohol-containing liquid gets to the special "camera of accumulation of distillate" in the main refrigerator after what flows down through a selection nose in reception capacity.

Also in the refrigerator three partitions as equals distances from each other are welded that allows water getting to the refrigerator, to be late. Thanks to three partitions, water moves through partitions, wavy, thereby up the consumption of the pumped water is reduced, refrigerator capacity improves, it is as a result better and bystry couples are condensed.

The distiller of the Pro without dephlegmator works as the classical moonshine still.

Also, having bought in addition selection knot on alcohol, the device of the Pro turns in full rectifying to colon.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 11.04.2019
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